~150x95x370mm + valve



Material: OPP20mat/AL8/PE80
Width x depth: ~150x95mm
Height: ~370mm

net: 32.28 
gross: 39.71 

Price for 100 pcs

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STABILO METALIZA MAT GREY + valve ~150x95x370mm

Material: OPP20mat/PET12met/PE100
Width x depth: ~150x95mm
Height: ~370mm
Quantity in box: 400 pcs

Basic features:

 - very good mechanical strength,
 - very good water vapor barrier,
 - nontransparent,
 - very good oxygen barrier,

 - dry, loose, dusty products,
 - dry, lumpy, non-dusty products,
 - fatty products,
 - products that require protection from light,

 - flours, groats, cereals, bran, muesli, rice wafers,
 - confectionery,
 - coffee,
 - tea,
 - starch, potato preserves,
 - porridges,
 - dietary supplements,



We are the producer of pre-made pouches from films and laminates. Gusset pouches is packaging with rectangular base, which is used for manual and automatic packaging of many food and industrial products. In our offer you can also find packagings with external valve and internal valve _W. Valves perfectly protect products against oxygen ingress and remove gas excess to the outside and protect against excessive loss of aroma. They are used especially in packaging coffee. We also offer for sale “stabilo” pouches with quadruple edge seal.
Seals on edges of stabilo packaging additionally stiffen and form pouch with side fold. We also produce foil pouches with stiffen rectangular bottom “dno”, which form solid packaging base especially for thin materials and light products. Gusset pouches are made of different materials and are used for packaging: tea, delicacies, rice, pasta, spices, dried fruits, cereal, milk powder etc. Additionally gusset pouches are used for packaging chemicals and industrial products.

We also produce other pre-made packaging: doypack sachets with possibility of welding in zipper closing or spout, flat pouches, flat sachets, sachets with flap and adhesive tape, sachets with zipper, pouches with bottom fold, shaped packagings and many more from different materials. Ready, previously prepared, the packagings are used as: pouches for tobacco, coffee, tea, etc.

We have production line for contract scribbing and perforating laminates. Laser technologies are widely used in manufacturing easy-to-open foil packagings.
Laser perforation is also used in the performance of eg aeration hole making products “breathe”. We also have our own fully equipped graphics studio we are able to prepare variety of packagings’ graphic desingns. Materials prepared this way will always be compatibile with technological requirements of the highest quality, 10 colour flexographic printing or other printing techniques. We also offer printed packagings according to customer’s requirements. We also provide logistics and transportation. We provide comprehensive realization of orders according to customer’s individual needs. Moreover we offer contract packaging of products assemble in air-conditioned spaces using different packaging systems.

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